ASIAN ALCOHOL CORPORATION shall be the Philippines spirit of quality and excellence;

Lab and Distillery Building

entrance to the laboratory

A distillery with the heritage of the past, the enthusiasm of the present, and the vibrancy of the future, that shall exist to provision products and services embodying the Filipino culture, tradition and spirit of world-class quality.


With the vision of excellence in all aspects of development, towards an efficient and productive distillery in the Philippines, ASIAN ALCOHOL CORPORATION pursues to:

  • Lead in employing a dynamic system, responsive to the changing demands of the industry;
  • Team up professionals and employees, that espouses proficiency and enthusiasm in servicing the needs of the operations at all times;
  • Grow within and empower the community, prosper economic advantage and infuse social dynamism;
  • Create a healthy and balanced environment, and endeavor ecologically sound technologies, sustainable at all times;

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