AAC and TBC Outstanding Employee Awards 2019



Nominations have officially opened for the 1st Exemplary Corporate Employee Leadership (EXCEL) Awards and Productivity Awards and Industrial Service Excellence (PRAISE). The Management of Asian Alcohol Corporation and Total Bulk Corporation announces the implementation of the EXCEL Awards and PRAISE.  This awards recognizes employees who have exhibited quality performance, innovations, ideas and exemplary behavior.

The Program Committee for this years EXCEL Awards and PRAISE are the following:

  • Chairman:  Rachel H. Cawit
  • Nomination Officers:
  •      Asian Alcohol Corporation     Joerey B. Yson
  •      Total Bulk Corporation           Oliveros P. Peralta
  • Screening Committees:
  •      Asian Alcohol Corporation     Cristina May C. Salva
  •      Total Bulk Corporation           Vivian A. Mangaser
  • Awards Selection Board:
  1.      Benjamin C. Sebastian
  2.      Susan C. Benitez
  3.      Pio S. Adique

The recognition for 2019 AAC and TBC EXCEL and PRAISE Awardees, will be held during the company Christmas Party on 5 December 2019, at SMX Convention Center, SM Bacolod City.  The following Awards and their corresponding prizes will be given as follows:

  • AAC and TBC EXCEL Awardee   PhP10,000.00
  • AAC and TBC Most Outstanding PRAISE   Awardee  PhP10,000.00
  • Top Ten AAC and TBC PRAISE Awardees   PhP2,000.00 per Awardee

The Awardees will also be given certificates and plaques of recognition and medals for the EXCEL and PRAISE Awardees.

The following timeline will be followed:

  • Deadline of Nomination:            30 October 2019
  • Deadline of Screening:                 15 November 2019
  • Board Selection of Awardees:     30 November 2019

The search begins and the Management wishes to send its warmest appreciation to all its employees for an excellent job performance.


AAC and TBC Exemplary Corporate Employee Leadership (EXCEL) Awards and Productivity Awards and Industrial Service Excellence (PRAISE)


The Exemplary Corporate Employee Leadership (EXCEL) Awards is designed to recognize AAC and TBC Supervisors and Officers for their outstanding leadership, innovation, ideas and exemplary services that have contributed to the success of operations of Asian Alcohol Corporation and Total Bulk Corporation.

The Productivity Awards and Industrial Service Excellence (PRAISE) Awards is designed to recognize AAC and TBC Rank and File Employees for their quality job performance, innovation and exemplary behavior that have inspired co-workers and made them role models of education and loyalty to the service of the interests of the Company.


The EXCEL and PRAISE Awards will be presented annually to permanent AAC and/or TBC employees from any operating locations and jurisdictions of AAC and TBC.

The Awards shall be limited to the Supervisors and Rank & File Employees only, and shall not include employees with the position of Manager and higher.


Nomination forms are available on the AAC website or a hard copy can be obtained from the AAC HRDD Office, on 7 October 2019.  All permanent and/or regular employees of AAC or TBC, of any rank or position, can submit forms for both EXCEL and PRAISE Awards to the designated Nomination Officers on or before 30 October 2019.

The Screening Committee will prepare a short list of ten (10) nominees for the EXCEL Awards and twenty (20) nominees for the PRAISE Awards, on or before 15 November 2019.

Short-listed awardees will submit the following documentation, consolidated into one pdf document, to the Committee Chairman (rachel.cawit@asianalcohol.com) on or before 30 November 2019:

  1. A nomination write-up written and submitted by the Division Manager of the nominee.  The write-up should advocate and outline the reasons why and how the nominee has met the award criteria.
  2. A personal statement prepared by the nominee. The statement should describe his work philosophy, job performance styles, methods and objectives and his dedication to quality job performance.
  3. An abbreviated professional CV made pertinent to the award criteria.
  4. Up to three letters of support from co-workers.  At least one letter should be from an employee from other departments.  The letters should provide the specific examples of the contributions of the nominee with regard to the criteria outlined below.
  5. The Employee Performance Portfolio.  The HRD Officer, who shall gather and organize materials that document the effectiveness of the employee, shall prepare the performance portfolio.

The Awards Selection Board will interview the short listed nominees on 3 December 2019 and select the following awardees from the short list:

  1. Top Ten AAC and TBC PRAISE Awardees
  2. One (1) AAC and TBC Most Outstanding PRAISE Awardee
  3. One (1) AAC and TBC EXCEL Awardee


For both EXCEL and PRAISE Awards, the Supervisor and/or Rank and File Employees shall:

  1. Consistently performs high quality of work;
  2. Performs extra duties beyond those normally assigned;
  3. Demonstrated willingness to work with others and assist whenever needed or requested;
  4. Has a positive working attitude and exhibits characteristic as an exemplary team player;
  5. Displays exceptional dependability;
  6. Volunteers for and works on special projects, provides creative suggestions for working conditions;
  7. Creates positive work environment and enhances the image of Asian Alcohol Corporation and Total Bulk Corporation;
  8. Exhibits exemplary professional service history:

                              a. Service to the Company:

                                            i. Contributes to employees welfare through service on Labor Management Committees and other company programs and activities;

                                            ii. Gain engagement of intellectual inquiry, beyond the usual and routine job performance   through training, guiding and assisting co-employees and colleagues in the performance of their jobs and responsibilities;

                                            iii. Seek possible opportunities for interdepartmental cooperation in the Company;

                                            iv. Contributing effectively to his/her department, and to the Company in achieving its goals for economic savings, exemplary environmental compliance and efficient manufacturing and/or production activities.

                             b. Service to the Community:

                                           i. Participating in collaborative endeavors of the company with the LGU and other government agencies;

                                           ii. Has demonstrated ability to provide innovative leadership to identifying and initiating  innovative extension, engagement and economic development initiatives and programs targeted specifically towards these needs;

                                          iii. Demonstrated morality and integrity in public and private engagement activities as evidenced by affiliations to social organizations (religious, charity groups, humanitarian groups), voluntary works and exceptional practice proven by external party/agency.


The top ten (10) PRAISE Awardees will receive Two Thousand (Php2,000.00) Pesos each and a Certificate of Recognition.  The Most Outstanding PRAISE Awardee will receive a Plaque of Recognition, a medal and Ten Thousand (PhP10,000.00) Pesos.

The EXCEL Awardee will receive a Plaque of Recognition, a medal and Ten Thousand (PhP10,000.00) Pesos.


The Program Committee will be appointed by the Office of the SVP annually, and shall convene every 15th day of September, for the revision of Program guidelines, rules and criteria.



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